Poster: Protect your privacy on your mobile device

APPA has developed this poster for PAW 2014. It includes six tips to help you protect your privacy when using mobile phone apps.

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To highlight the impact of technology on personal privacy, APPA has released an infographic that demonstrates how citizens and regulators across the Asia Pacific are taking action to protect personal information. What are you doing to protect your privacy when using new technology? Available in 6 different languages, share it with your friends and family on social media and your other networks.

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English Infographic English JPG Infographic English PDF
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中文 (Chinese) Infographic Chinese JPG Infographic Chinese PDF
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ID theft tool

Test yourself — how aware are you about your risks of ID theft?

Our easy online test looks at 11 situations in which you might be subject to ID theft. You need to have Adobe Flash installed to use this tool.

Youth resources

An index of youth resources relating to privacy was released for PAW 2012. There are 5 different language versions of the same material in HTML, PDF and RTF.

English Youth resources English HTML Youth resources English PDF Youth resources English RTF
Español (Spanish) Youth resources Spanish HTML Youth resources Spanish PDF Youth resources Spanish RTF
Français (French) Youth resources French HTML Youth resources French PDF Youth resources French RTF
中文 (Chinese) Youth resources Chinese HTML Youth resources Chinese PDF Youth resources Chinese RTF
한국어 (Korean) Youth resources Korean HTML Youth resources Korean PDF Youth resources Korean RTF
PDF. Privacy. Feeling lost online?

APPA developed a poster to promote the index of youth resources:

PDFPrivacy. Feeling lost online?

Zoggel cartoon video

APPA YouTube channel

The cartoon video How private is your profile? was released for PAW 2011 on the APPA YouTube channel.